Skymall is back! The in-flight publication and retailer went bankrupt in January. Now less than five months later, it's been resurrected from the dead by C&A Marketing, a New Jersey based company that specializes in brand re-vamps who bought it for $1.9 million. In celebration of the news, we've put together some of our favorite Skymall products.

NFL Forest Face. Image via SkyMall. Image 1.NFL Forest Face. Image via SkyMall

Adult Jumping Ball. Image via Image 2.Adult Jumping Ball. Image via

Human Slingshot. Image via Image 3.Human Slingshot. Image via

NFL Wine Shoe Holder. Image via Image 4.NFL Wine Shoe Holder. Image via

French Bull Dog Bottle Opener. Image via SkyMall. Image 5.French Bull Dog Bottle Opener. Image via SkyMall

#Hipster Dog Bed. Image via SkyMall. Image 6.#Hipster Dog Bed. Image via SkyMall

Lotion Applicator. Image via SkyMall. Image 7.Lotion Applicator. Image via SkyMall