Swedish furniture behemoth Ikea has purchased a forest in Romania, a move they say will allow the company to use wood more sustainably. Each year, Ikea uses about 530 million cubic feet of round wood or the equivalent of 14 Empire State Buildings. Ikea would like to double its sales while using only 50% more wood. 

Facts about: Ikea's moves towards sustainability 

 Ikea are trying to use more parts of trees, reducing the amount of wood that's thrown away. In their Skogsta line, they use both the light and dark wood of an acacia tree while most furniture makers prefer only the dark part. 

 The company is altering the distribution of particle board in their furniture, making it thinner overall but thicker near hinges and corners.

 By 2020, Ikea aims for all its wood to be either recycled or approved by the Forest Stewardship Council who judges the environmental impact of wood use. Right now, 50% of its wood meets that criteria. 

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