In an amusing twist of irony, Google forgot to check to see if the domain name for its new venture Alphabet was free or not. The domain name is currently being held by automotive company BMW. Micaela Sandstone, a BMW spokeswoman told The New York Times, “We are not planning to sell the domain.” She described the website as a “very active” part of Alphabet’s business.

Reuters points out that there are 103 different trademarks in the US alone that uses Alphabet or some variation of it for their name. Steve Lockwood, the owner of a small recruitment and outsourcing firm in London, said that he was flattered by all of the attention regarding Google’s name change. Said Lockwood, “We probably won’t put it on the agenda to sue them over it, but if they want to make us a very generous offer for our domain names, we’ll certain consider it.”

It should be noted that Google also doesn’t own an Alphabet twitter account either. The owner, Chris Andrikanich tweeted the following after Google's name change.  

Google's Alphabet currently uses the domain name


Facts about: BMW

 BMW was established as a business in 1917 in Munich following a restructuring of the Raap Motorenwerke aircraft manufacturing firm.

 In June 2012, BMW was listed as the "#1 most reputable company in the world" by

 BMW's slogan is "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

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