Nineteen days into March, and US weed legislation just keeps on rolling.

In North Bonneville, WA, the first publicly owned weed shop, the Cannabis Corner, opened its doors earlier this month hoping to boost revenue and tourism in a struggling small town. With all proceeds for their pot products going back to the North Bonneville government, city officials have predicted that the Corner could generate up to $200,000 per year in additional revenue.

 On the Federal level, the National Institute of Drug Abuse is now making more potent pot-ables for medical marijuana users in response to the critique their pot is too weak in comparison to what is sold on the street and therefore less effective. There are, however, other health concerns.

 And finally, there is actually a legitimate reason to get your cat stoned, as a Nevada lawmaker introduced a bill on Tuesday that would legalize medical marijuana for pets. Democratic state Senator Tick Segerblom says making the drug legal for sick pets is “common sense,” adding “if your dog has a nerve disease or uncontrollable tremors, this might be able to help it.”