Add tripping on psychedelics to your list of fun, constructive activities, thanks Norway's husband and wife researcher team, Pål-Ørjan Johansen and Teri Krebs. LSD and magic musrooms are as safe as "riding a bicycle" or "playing soccer," according to Johansen's press release, posted Tuesday. "It is important to take a statistical perspective on risk, rather than focusing on anecdotes.”

Krebs, a research fellow at the Department of Neuroscience at the Norway University of Science and Technology, takes it a step further. “In the same way that climate researchers have a responsibility to discuss environmental policy, scientists in medicine and health have a responsibility to inform the public when drug regulations are not based on science, especially if they violate human rights,” she states. They have started the nonprofit EmmaSofia to spread the word. 

Psychedelics have been tested by for over half a century in experimental psychiatry. Until the mid-seventies, LSD had been openly used to treat tens of thousands of patients in psychotherapy, and MDMA is still lightly used to treat PTSD. Just last month, the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease reviewed the usefulness of LSD in psychotherapy, and a small trial on twelve patients "caused no serious side effects, other than temporary — and therapeutically valuable — periods of distress," the New York Times reported.