Passover begins tonight, April 3, and while boozing is prohibited for those observing the holiday, apparently it’s okay to toke.  

New York City-based rabbi Ben Greenberg, head of a Denver-based synagogue, explains how weed is actually okay for all your pre-seder activities:

“There are really two different layers of prohibitions during passover. One of them is specific to the Ashkenazi Jew community, and the other one is the biblical prohibition, which is that you can’t have any leaven—no grains. The additional layer of prohibition is that European Jews, about a hundred years ago, added that you can’t have anything that might look like a grain. So they don’t eat beans or rice on Passover.”

Edibles might be a bit dicier and Greenberg is quick to note that “smoking anything is not good for you,” and that “if you haven’t started, you shouldn’t start” but I guess it’s too late for that.