Victor Twartz, a 91-year-old Sydney resident and retired dental surgeon, was arrested earlier this month when he was caught flying back to Australia from India carrying 11 pounds of cocaine hidden in soap bars. 

Police believe Twartz was scammed by Indian smugglers who tricked him into carrying the drugs. He was charged with importing a drug for commercial purposes, and his case was adjourned until October. 

Twartz is described as a devout Christian who considers drugs a "scourge". “I’m 1,000% against drugs. I don’t even drink alcohol," Twartz told the Sydney Morning Herald. He told reporters that the people responsible should be cast into a Biblical “lake of fire”. 

The former dentist claims he was handed a bag containing the soap when he was about to board the plane home and told it was a gift for someone in Australia. “I looked carefully at what was in the soap,” Twartz told the Herald. “I scraped it and it was certainly soap but there were these streaks of white stuff in between. I thought it was additional perfume or that was the style of Indian soap.”

David Stewart, the Australian federal police’s organised crime commander, told The Guardian that 40 similar incidents, in which an Australian has been caught up in what seems to be an international scam, have occurred recently. 

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