A slew of social apps have just launched some nifty new updates:


Embeddable pics came first, and now you can record and upload 30 second videos directly through the app and send group messages to up to 20 people. Will these new modes of communication, is the subtweet dead?


The app allowing users to send messages that self-destruct after a set time is launching Discover, a new feature that will showcase editor-selected content published via the app. This will include multimedia, news stories, and ads. Discover is "not social media" in itself, says a Snapchat spokesperson, as it amasses content from "editors and artists", rather than displaying what is trending.


For the uninitiated, Wickr is an app for encrypted private and group messages. It's becoming more Instagramy and Facebooky, with a bit more privacy in mind. The app just got a makeover to include pictures to its timeline feed (dubbed "Wickr Timed Feed", or, more appropriately, "WTF"). The picture posts last for 24 hours before self-destructing. There's an option to share these photos on Facebook, but there's a catch -- on Facebook, the images will appear as cats (linking to your actual picture post on Wickr, or, for those who don't have Wickr, an app download page.) Well played, Wickr. Well played.