Following the BBC's discovery that Google's search engine autosuggests "How can I join ISIS?," the tech giant has decided to remove the prompt from its lists. 

Google will no longer autosuggest "How can I join ISIS?". Image 1.

"It may be that people are simply typing it into Google for research purposes, to find out about Isis, rather than simply wanting to join it themselves," Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan explained. "But the reason we’re seeing ISIS on Autocomplete is the number of people typing in ‘How can I join ISIS’"

Google has tweaked its autosuggestion results before: "We periodically update our systems to improve Search, so the terms that appear in Autocomplete may change over time. We exclude only a narrow set of search queries such as those related to pornography, violence, hate speech, and copyright infringement.”

In this case, the company has elected to require aspirant jihadis to type those extra four letters themselves. Now, ISIS (ISIL? IS?) will need to stop changing its name or risk suffering the consequences of bad SEO.