Facebook has faced continued scrutiny over its "real name" policy and now a Native American activist says she plans to bring a lawsuit against the social media giant because she believes the policy is discriminatory.

Dana Lone Hill says she changed her last name on Facebook to her father's last name, Lone Elk and the company proceeded to suspend her account. Lone Hill believes that Facebook's system of investigating suspicious names that are flagged by users opens up groups like Native Americans to potential harassment. 

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) activist Nadia Kayyali has met with Facebook about their policy and according to the Guardian, she had this to say: “If you continue to have ‘this account is using a fake name’ as a reporting option, that seems like you are encouraging people to just be harassing people by filing these reports as opposed to dealing with the behavior itself,” said Kayyali. “So they should really just get rid of the policy.”