Just clear your mind.

 The workplace is a distant memory.

Image: Nicholas Sassoon, Pandora, 2014. Image 1.Image: Nicholas Sassoon, Pandora, 2014

 Starling murmurations to zone out to for a minute.

 Here's an astronaut using an entire laptop as a virtual reality setup.

 Cats determinedly staying in the sun all day long.

 Watch a teaser for the latest film from animation legend, don hertzfeldt.

 Play this X-Files-inspired in-browser video game, The Darkside Detective.

Image: Promo Image from The Darkside Detective. Image 2.Image: Promo Image from The Darkside Detective

 If your head is ready for a little lite reading, check out the New York Times' profile of the Thomas Kinkade of photography. Peter Lik is almost completely unknown in the art world, but he's sold $400 million in prints and holds the record for the most expensive photo ever sold. He might be a con man, he might just be a good businessman. This what the $6.5 million dollar photo looks like: 

Photo: Peter Lik Promo. Image 3.Photo: Peter Lik Promo

 Your Weekend Hangover mix.


Music mix: Mike Sheffield