The .sucks domain name registration will officially begin on June 1st and it's already controversial with some companies claiming the pricing model borders on extortion. 

If a company with a registered trademark, such as Verizon or Wal-Mart, wants to purchase its own .sucks domain name it will have to pay $2,499 while any average joe will pay a standard rate of $249. According to Ars Technica, corporations will most likely be willing to pay the higher rate in order to protect a brand.

There is also a "consumer advocate subsidized" pricing tier in which a person can pay $9.95 for a domain that does not go to a dedicated site but instead redirects to which will be a forum for complaining about practices of companies. Anyone who wants to direct to a dedicated site will have to pay $249.

The registrar Vox Populi says that its pricing is in fact designed to prevent people from buying up tons of high-value domains and squatting on them. Internet users can probably expect to see (insert company here).sucks to show up in search results more and more frequently.