Pedagogue of the Internet, you are not. Arts technica reports on a study published this week in the Journal of Experimental Psychology which shows that people feel more confident in their ability to explain trivia simply because they have access to Google.

Two sets of test subjects, sourced from Amazon's Mechanical Turk, were asked two set of questions. The first group was allowed to Google answers to their first set of questions, while the second were not. Afterwards, both groups were asked questions like “Why are there more Atlantic hurricanes in August and September?”, “How do tornadoes form?”, and “Why are cloudy nights warmer?" Group one rated their own answers much higher.

The study implies that just having the ability to access information quickly makes people feel empowered to explain things. Interestingly, research subjects were universally less confident in answering questions about their own lives, like "Why are you close with your best friend?" and "How will you feel when you become elderly?" 

No substantial evidence yet on how this effects reblogging.