After the media circus that followed the escapes of two fugitive llamas, the famed camelids are back with their owners and reeling with stardom.

Kahkneeta and Laney had escaped after visiting with elders at an assisted-facility in Sun City, Arizona back in February. "Laney has bounced back from the public ordeal," The New York Times reports, after speaking with their owners, Karen Freund and Bub Bullis about how the two female llamas have been coping with their celeb status. "But Ms. Freund said the experience had gone straight to Kahkneeta’s head. Back in the pen, the llama still has a bit of defiance in her system, and she has grown distant. Ms. Freund worries she has post-traumatic stress."

Ms. Freund says Kahkneeta “is a little harder to handle now. She knows if she takes off, she can do whatever she wants. She was always my llama, and now she holds me accountable for everything that happened.”