Uh oh, looks like we’re about to run out of the internet. Researchers met this week to discuss a “capacity crunch” at the Royal Society in London. The crunch is caused by the overwhelmingly fast growth of online media consumption via Netflix and YouTube (sorry, cat videos).

René-Jean Essiambre of French firm Alcatel-Lucent has posited the internet’s fiber systems tap out at about 100 terabits per second, and would reach its limit within the next five years.

If researchers are unable to come up with a solution to circumvent our current cable’s capacity for information, or find alternative fibers, rationing our internet intake might be our only solution.

Before you commence any hand-wringing while sliding down the wall crying imagining a future without the internet (what will we watch?!), Andrew Lord of UK telecom company BT, seems to think there might be hope on the horizon. Lord told both the meeting and New Scientist, "I've got a lot of faith in the ingenuity of people to keep delivering the goods." Here’s hoping.