The Commodore Amiga, a legendary computer born in the early 1980s, is still being used to power the heating and cooling systems at 19 public schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The original programmer for the system still lives in the area and takes care of routine maintenance when necessary. According to WoodTV, it is on its third second mouse and third monitor, and replaced a previous computer "about the size of a refrigerator."

Source: WoodTV

The computer runs on a 1200-bit modem and operates on radio frequencies that send updates for the heating and cooling systems in each building, and sometimes interferes with walkie-talkie communications. 

If a $175 million bond proposal is approved in November, the Commodore Amiga would be one of the first things to replace, but until then, its been serving its purpose just fine. If it were to shut down, all the temperature systems would have to be adjusted manually.