Pinterest, long the purveyor of wedding planning boards, inspirational quotes, aspirational “life hacks” using common household items, and recipes, has a very wholesome demographic that uses it. It's also a destination site used by survivalists in order to collect and swap information on impending natural or man-made disasters.

What’s more is that a lot of them happen to be Mormon, reports Gizmodo. This isn’t surprising considering that mainstream leaders within the Church of Latter-Day Saints believe that there will be a Second Coming of Christ within our lifetime, the religion's emphasis on preparedness (the official Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints website has a section on "Emergency Preparedness and Response", an online store that sells food and emergency gear, and an online manual that has neat chapters like "PANDEMICS"), and a lifestyle that practices abstention from coffee, cola, and tea

The mix between DIY survival tools, pictures of bunkers, and some legitimately useful advice runs the gamut between "artisanal and paranoid” and make Pinterest a way more interesting site than simply a repository of Frozen-themed wedding boards.

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