Warnings are appearing on mobile phones when accessing Instagram, indicating that the site has been blacklisted due to harmful content.

Most social media is off limits in the country. Koryolink, a main cellular carrier in North Korea, began to allow foreigners in the country to use 3G through a SIM card, opening the doors for media to be traded in and out of the country through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope.

Koryolink says there has been no official notice from the government or Instagram. The blocking has been going on for the past five days, but there is no certainty as to how widespread it has become.

Photos of a fire on June 11 at a luxury hotel hosting a large amount of foreigners and tourists in Pyongyang were circulating through the platforms, but the local media did not cover it. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are still fucntioning normally however. 

Around 2 million North Koreans use mobile phones, but the purchase of SIM cards is mostly limited to frequent travelers. 

Cover image: India TV News