Hacking Team, the Italian spyware company that helps governments hack its citizens, has itself been hacked. A massive 400gb torrent was leaked, including source code for their commercial hacking products, a list of government customers, and internal communications. The list of customers included countries like Azerbaijan, Chile, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and most troubling, Sudan.

Sudan is a notorious human rights violator and state sponsor of terrorism. There is also a European Union enforced United Nations arms embargo on Sudan, the sale of hacking tools to Sudan may be a violation. The company, is also listed as “enemies of the internet”, by human rights group Reporters Without Borders. Investigations by The Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto, has discovered the use of Hacking Team tools targeting journalists in other countries.

Before deleting his Twitter account, Hacking Team member Christian Pozzi, took to Twitter to warn of a virus on the leaked torrent, CSO has confirmed there isn’t one, and threatened the hackers with jail time. Screenshots of the leaked invoices are available at CSO.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons