The internet is still confused at the origin and purpose of the Sad Satan game.

The game, found buried in the forums of a deep web site, features a player aimlessly wandering down black and white hallways adorned with atmospheric sounds, strange children following you, Charles Manson references, and secret messages written in wingdings.

Jamie, owner of the YouTube Channel Obscure Horror Corner, got the link sent to him from one of his subscribers and has posted snippets of the game. The supposed creator of Sad Satan is a user who goes by the name ZK.

The name Sad Satan is a reference to a segment of the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven" played backwards.

Although there seems to be no real conclusion or purpose to the game, Jamie revealed he eventually had to delete it because every time he opened it, a rogue Notepad file with gibberish would appear on his desktop. Play at your own risk!

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