Linkmoji is a new URL shortener, like, but with a twist, instead of a pile of numbers, you get emoji!

Emoji are a part of Unicode, an agreed upon standard, though not always supported properly especially on older devices, to show language on computers, for any human language, including dead ones and pictoral language.

For those who favor compatibility, you can click the little "MOJI" box which transforms it into its Punycode version. Punycode translates Unicode characters back to ones in the English alphabet, called ASCII. It is another supported standard to provide backwards compatibility for older machines.

We do appreciate their website's logo which says they're a "pizza shit". 

Hopes and Fears Linkmoji, via Linkmoji.. Image 1.Hopes and Fears Linkmoji, via Linkmoji.

And if you were wondering, we're "bomb-orange-present-smile-eggplant-goofy."