With the departure of Ellen Pao as Reddit's chief executive, new officer Steve Huffman says he will take measures to track and eliminate hateful content on the site.

Reddit has gained the reputation of being a censorship-free platform where "open and honest discussion" can exist. However, Ms. Pao has been held responsible for taking down five "subreddit communities" on grounds of harassment.

Some members of the company insist that Pao did not intend to sweep all hate communities out of the picture. When she had the opportunity, she refused.

Reddit plans to seek and destroy hate communities. Image 1.

Image: Voat

Co-founder and new chief executive Huffman says, "The overwhelming majority of content on Reddit comes from wonderful, creative, funny, smart, and silly communities. That is what makes Reddit great. There is also a dark side, communities whose purpose is reprehensible, and we don't have any obligation to support them. And we also believe that some communities currently on the platform should not be here at all."

There is another character on the horizon in the form a new forum-based website called Voat, which threatens to take Reddit's thunder. It's policy states that it will allow the publication of any content as long as it is not illegal.

As long as Reddit can satisfy its communities and management at the same time, its growth is promised to continue, as it reported over 163 million visitors last month alone.

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