The newest string of arrests on the markets of the dark web is neither for drug crimes nor child pornography -- they're for poisons.

Several undercover agents have gone underground to track the buying and selling of lethal poisons such as ricin, a toxic byproduct of castor beans. One man in the UK was charged with buying enough ricin online to kill 1,000 people.

Other poison arrests include a 16-year-old boy, and a man in the US named Chang Le. There are similarities in each of the cases, which has led people such as Gwern Branwen to speculate that it could be the same undercover agent working each case.


facts about ricin and the dark web:

 Recently the most notorious market on the deep web, Silk Road, was shut down for good, with its creator Ross Ulbricht behind bars for life.

 Ricin's toxicity functions by preventing cells in the body from producing necessary proteins to survive. Eventually the cells die out, which can cause death.

 Agora, another major dark web marketplace, has stopped listing firearms due to a large spike in arrests.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons