ISIS-Chan, the cute anime character that hacktivists Anonymous are using to troll ISIS, was first seen on Japanese proto-image board 2chan in January. Over the last few months, Anonymous have hacked into thousands of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and flooded their feeds with the anime girls

Now, Twitter user @ISISvipper has released more information about the adorable harassment campaign. These include the "rules" Anonymous (and others) adhere to when drawing ISIS-Chan. Surprisingly, the hackers ask their members to refrain from drawing anything that's offensive, either to Muslims or to families whose relatives may be victims of ISIS's terrorism. One image includes the commands, "No Gore. No Porn." Other images tell illustrators to refrain from drawing ISIS-Chan armed (a rule that they don't seem to always follow). 

Image: Kotaku. Image 1.Image: Kotaku

The campaign is more like reminiscent of culture jamming than the aggressive tactics like doxxing and leaking that Anonymous regularly employs. "The idea is that ISIS-chan, with her cute anime looks and love of melons, neutralizes the horrific ISIS images circulating online. The ISIS Vipper 'team' says it 'disrupts' ISIS propaganda," writes Kotaku. Thus, illustrators' goal is to make the character look as harmless and adorable as possible therefore subverting the aim of ISIS's terrorist propaganda.

Image: Kotaku. Image 2.Image: Kotaku

People have even created animated videos of ISIS-Chan.

Many images of ISIS-Chan are available as "fan art" on the website Deviantart

Image: Deviantart. Image 3.Image: Deviantart

For some reason, ISIS-Chan really loves melons. This seems to be a joke on the machetes that the real ISIS carry to brutally decapitate people 

Image: Deviantart. Image 4.Image: Deviantart

ISIS-Chan has become a full-fledged meme. People draw her in mash-ups with other genres of illustration and add her to existing memes. 

Image: Deviantart. Image 5.Image: Deviantart

One Deviantart member has painted ISIS-Chan in a series of whimsical watercolors.

Image: Deviantart. Image 6.Image: Deviantart

You know what they say: if you can't beat 'em, spam them with anime. 

Cover: Deviantart