Last night, New York Magazine put their powerful cover story interviewing 35 victims of Bill Cosby's alleged rapes online. The story included personal interviews and portraits each victim. 

This morning, a hacker calling himself ThreatKing brought down the story with a DDoS attack. The hacker isn't against sharing the story of Cosby's victims, he says. Instead, he says it's his hatred of New York City that motivated the attack. “Many stupid people at [sic] New York,” ThreatKing told The Daily Dot. “I have not even seen the cover, LOL." He added that his hatred of New York stems from a visit there during which he was "pranked" by a black man with a fake gun. 

As of now, the story's page is still down. 


With the story unavailable online, Twitter users began tweeting with the hashtag #TheEmptyChair, a reference to the one empty seat pictured on the magazine's cover, which was put there to symbolize women who have not yet come forward with their stories.

The Verge questioned whether the hacker's stated reasons for taking down the piece are legitimate.


 Facts about bill cosby:

 As of now, 46 women have come forward with accusations of sexual assault by the comedian. Of those women, 35 agreed to be interviewed and photographed by New York.

 Bill Cosby's lawyer, Monique Pressley, said recently on Good Morning America, in reference to a recently released deposition from 2005: "There are a thousand-plus pages that are available of Mr. Cosby in his own words, and what we're seeing so far are headlines that are grabbing one excerpt or two and misinterpreting them. The deposition said that there was use of Quaaludes, which was done often in the '70s."

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