To make some quick money, three Chechen girls set up fake Facebook accounts to scam ISIS users into giving them funds for traveling to Syria.

"Catfishing" is a term coined after the 2010 movie which refers to creating a fake identity to establish a romantic connection with a stranger online. In this case, the connection had much more dangerous implications.

ISIS is known for luring young girls to Syria with the promise of luxury. The three women involved in the operation knew this and were able to amass over $3,000 dollars before deleting their fake accounts.

Russian authorities arrested the girls after monitoring their online activity remotely. They are under house arrest and will receive either a fine or six years in prison.



 As of 2013, 83 million Facebook accounts are fake.

 Although the phenomenon of catfishing has increased, more people are comfortable with the idea of online dating. In 2004, 44% of people surveyed believed they could find their soulmate online, whereas in 2013 that number has climbed to 59%.

Cover image: Daily Mail