Reddit’s most notorious racist community, /r/CoonTown, a white supremacy subreddit, was promised immunity from censorship by the site’s new CEO Steve Huffman back in July. But today, the forum was banned, as it “mak[es] Reddit worse for everyone else.” It was banned along with other white supremacist subreddits, and subreddits dedicated to making drawings of child sex abuse.

Reddit finally removes white supremacy forums. Image 1.

Previously CEO Huffman claimed that it was not a subreddit that “harasses, bullies, or abuses an individual or group of people,” though many saw /r/CoonTown as merely a racist hate group. CEO Huffman came into power after a misogyny-laced Reddit Revolt which led to former CEO Ellen Pao’s resignation.

Reddit finally removes white supremacy forums. Image 2.

Another former CEO, Yishan Wong, fired off a post saying that she had been “framed” and “set up to fail” by the site’s original founders to wrest back control. He also claimed that Pao was against removing racist subreddits like /r/CoonTown. It would be ironic if he's right, and the racists' revolt against a minority woman CEO removed their only protector at the company.