According to a new study by Facebook, the use of "lol" has declined steeply to express laughter or amusement and is being replaced by "haha" and its variants.

Only 1.9% of the text samples analyzed by Facebook used "lol," whereas 51.4% used "haha," and the laughter emoji appearing 33.7% of the time.

"LOL" is dead, according to Facebook. Image 1.

Image: Facebook

The researchers also found that "haha" is used by more males than females. Women also use emoji more frequently. Older people use "lol" more than emoji to express laughter. Out of those surveyed, 85% "laughed" more than five times in a week.

Facts about internet slang and facebook:

 A 2008 study found that two-thirds of United States teens use internet slang or abbreviations in their schoolwork.

 On Facebook, "lol" was usually written on its own. Variants such as "lolz" and "loll" are considered "rare specimens."

 In 2014, 77% of Facebook users make less than $30,000 per year.

Cover image: Pixabay