This. the link-sharing platform that limits users to sharing one link a day stirred some waves when it first was introduced. This time though This. is in the news for raising a ton of money for its venture. The company has raised $610,000 from angels and seed institutions including the New Republic Fund, Matter Ventures, etc. 

Founded by Andrew Golis after working as The Atlantic’s Entrepreneur in Residence. Former Tumblr president and This. investor John Maloney had this to say: “I love the restraint built into This. There is so much good media on the web each day, but it’s only getting harder to find amidst the glut of everything else.”

This. is currently in private beta, and will launch this fall. It has about 4,500 users.


Facts about: This.

 Golis was the Director of Digital Media at Frontline, the deputy publisher of TalkingPointsMemo, and also ran Yahoo! News.

 Ta-Neshi Coates was one of the inspirations behind This.

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