A man was arrested after liking pictures on his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page, which allegedly violated her restraining order.

April Holland of Pittston, Pennsylvania was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bellanco, 26, after he allegedly stalked her and her friends and threatened to shoot her in the kneecap so he could watch her suffer. Holland went to Pittston City Hall Monday to tell police that Ballanco had liked 22 photos and videos on her Facebook page, violating the restraining order.

As Holland left the city hall, she allegedly saw Ballanco walking past. Police stopped Ballanco and asked where he was coming from. He replied that he was walking from his house, which police allege is nowhere near city hall. Holland lives just 100 yards from city hall.

Bellanco was arraigned and released on $5,000 unsecured bail.

other cases inolving restraining orders and social media:

 In Beverly, Massachusetts in 2013, a man was arrested 90 minutes after his ex-girlfriend told police he had sent her an invitation to join his Google+ circle, violating her restraining order.

 Just a few weeks later in the same town, a woman accused her mother, whom she had a restraining order against, of following her on Pinterest. The police arrested the mother.

 A woman in Michigan filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend but before it officially began, he posted nude photos of her on the Internet, warning that he would continue doing so until she committed suicide. Chad Monroe also posted pictures of the woman with the caption "wanted dead or alive." After the woman contacted the police, the man claimed he had not been served the restraining order and thus could not be charged with violating it. This was true. He was, however, criminally charged with a misdemeanor - stalking, and felony - unlawful posting of a message on the internet.

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