Welcome to Hopes&Fears, a life and culture publication exploring topics large and small through a global lens.

An international team of contributing writers, designers and illustrators — from New York, Berlin, Moscow, London, Barcelona and more — work in tandem to bring you stories that are original, thematic and connected.

Our first week, dubbed the “Really Real Issue”, is about “perception and reality and the ways that technology augments this binary”, according to our notes. These notes are currently buried under Star Trek cosplay props and Sharpie sketches of animated glitches. Let’s see what happens next.

We cover subculture and culture, relationships between people and cities, and how all this will work in the future.

We wonder about it. 
We wander through it. 
We learn as we go.

We're also seeking contributors from all sectors of interest. Outside of our '.com' we can be found on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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The team

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DESIGN: Alex Bystrov, Sergii Rodionov, Nick Treptsov

PUBLISHER: Vasily Esmanov

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