The rise and fall of RedBook, the site that sex workers can't live without

Unless you solicit a lot of sex workers, RedBook might not ring a bell. But for about 15 years it was a prime spot to read reviews and descriptions of the sensual services being offered near you. Last year, the company was raided by federal agents, and its founders were arrested. The entrepreneurs behind the illicit website aren't the only ones hurt by the seizure, the sex workers miss their "nice, nerdy" clients. Eric Steuer recounts exactly how a small, possibly illegal site held on for so long and how they were brought down.


new york magazine

How crazy am I to think I actually know where that Malaysia Airlines plane is?

Jeff Wise has been all over the media promoting his book that explains his theories about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Wise was originally hired by Slate to write about the disappearance and then became one of CNN's incessant aviation analysts, and then the story went away. But he kept finding stranger evidence that possible foul play was involved. As with most conspiracy theories, this one gets complex, so it's best explained by Wise himself.


Texas Monthly

To love and to cherish

Texas Monthly follows a same-sex couple in Austin who is leading the charge to legalize gay marriage in the notoriously resistant state. Almost 40 states in the U.S. have legalized some form of marriage for homosexuals, and Texas if often at the bottom of the list when it comes to speculation for which will be next. But recent polls show that voters in Texas are beginning to soften in their opposition to same-sex unions. Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman have brought a lawsuit against the state that has gone so far through the court systems, it could be a tipping point for a sweeping Supreme Court decision that would legalize gay marriage in all states.


the intercept

Long march of the yellow jackets: How a one-time terrorist group prevailed on Capitol Hill

The Intercept takes a look at the history of the Mojahedin. The Islamist group has been involved in Middle Eastern conflicts for decades and has aligned itself with anyone who is against their enemies, which has often led to some nefarious partnerships. Widely considered a terrorist group, the Mojahedin have begun to actually have lobbying power in Washington and are working the traditional levers of politics in a manner that may prove to be more effective than violence.


The New York Times Magazine

My saga: part 1

Nobody can go long like Karl Ove Knausgaard. His enormous memoir, My Struggle, was a stream-of-consciousness epic that had to be broken into six parts and became an international sensation. The book has sold one copy for every adult in the author's native country of Norway. The New York Times asked Knausgaard to chronicle a trip across North America through his distinctly Norwegian sensibilities, and the result is the same kind of minutiae-filled diary, in plain, terse prose that made My Struggle become a bestseller. But he's in America now. Weirdness ensues.