It's been over 30 years since HIV was first recognized in the US. Yet public perception of the disease is so stigmatized that 50% of people with HIV often don't get tested until it's too late to stop further spreading or its progression to AIDS. 

To draw attention to the conversation, Vangardist Magazine has printed all 30,000 copies of its latest issue using ink infused with HIV+ blood. The issue's release coincides with the annual Life Ball in Vienna, the largest HIV charity event in Europe.

Photo: Vangardist. Image 1.Photo: Vangardist

"With this unique project, we want to create a response in a heartbeat by transforming the media into the very root of the stigma itself - by printing every word, line, picture and page of the magazine with blood from HIV+ people. By holding the issue, readers are immediately breaking the taboo," says Jason Romeyko, Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, who helped Vangardist design the audacious issue. 

Photo: Vangardist. Image 2.Photo: Vangardist

FastCo.Design notes:

The magazine is perfectly safe to handle. The ink is mixed at a ratio of 28 parts ito 1 part donated blood, donated to the Vangardist by three HIV+ individuals. The blending of ink to blood was overseen by doctors at Harvard University and Innsbruck University, who certified both before and after that there was no possible way HIV could be transmitted by the magazine.

The issue is currently available on newsstands.