Critics and art enthusiasts alike took to Twitter yesterday to blast Fox5NY, a New York City local outpost, for censoring the breasts of Pablo Picasso’s record breaking painting, The Women of Algiers (Version O).

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The piece, finished in 1955, fetched $179 million at auction in New York on Monday, making it the highest selling painting in history. It depicts three courtesans, and as the final incarnation of a 15 piece series inspired by both Henri Matisse and Eugene Delacroix, it became the most anticipated, selling over the projected $140 million in only eleven minutes.

Art critic Jerry Saltz called the censorship “sexually sick,” along with other Twitter users who called it “pathetic” and utilized the popular hashtag #freethenipple to call attention to the blatant censorship of female bodies.

Apparently Fox News thought the content, although clearly done in the Cubist Abstraction that Picasso is famous for, was too explicit for mainstream audiences. It looks like even the great masters don’t get a pass for nudity.