Facebook Instant Articles


new posts since launch.


Facebook launched Facebook Instant Articles on May 12. The publishing tool was designed to let media companies post directly to its iOS app, would load stories faster, and allow publishers to gain readers and revenue. However, critics have decried it as a dangerous, and that Facebook would change its “revenues split model to the detriment of publishers.”

At its launch, Facebook partnered with nine publishers including the likes of BuzzFeed, The Atlantic and The New York Times. It's last launch period post was on May 14th.

"No new stories have been published since launch," Business Insider reports.

According to the Wall Street Journal: "The company intends to post more Instant Articles later this month. The first round of articles was a one-article test per publisher, the executives said, but they expect Facebook to invite them to publish more Instant Articles by the end of June.”

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