A few months ago, Buzzfeed published their Style Guide. It contains a list of words the site uses and the appropriate way to style them. Here are some of the craziest ("cray-cray"?) entries.

 baby daddy, baby mama (two words)

Image: Tumblr. Image 1.Image: Tumblr

 butt-dial (all forms)

Image: Perez Hilton. Image 2.Image: Perez Hilton

 celebricat (for a celebrity feline) celebridog (for a celebrity canine)

Image: Pride. Image 3.Image: Pride

 come (v.); cum (n.)

Image: Tumblr. Image 4.Image: Tumblr

 Facebook-stalk (verb)

Image: Gurl. Image 5.Image: Gurl


Image: onehallyu. Image 6.Image: onehallyu

 happy-cry (all uses)

Image: Pinterest. Image 7.Image: Pinterest

 Juggalo / Juggalette

Image: Giphy. Image 8.Image: Giphy


Image: Tumblr. Image 9.Image: Tumblr

 LARPer, LARPing (for Live-Action Role-Playing)

Image: IGN. Image 10.Image: IGN

 listicle: avoid, use “list” instead

Image: Gawker. Image 11.Image: Gawker

 mmm hmm

Image: GifSmile. Image 12.Image: GifSmile

 SBD (silent but deadly)

Image: Photobucket. Image 13.Image: Photobucket

 shitfaced, shithole, shitload, shitshow, shitstorm, shit talk (n.), shit-talk (v.), shit ton

Image: Giphy. Image 14.Image: Giphy


Image: Racked. Image 15.Image: Racked

 struggle bus

Image: Gifsgallery. Image 16.Image: Gifsgallery

 ugly-cry (all uses)

Image: Teen.com. Image 17.Image: Teen.com

 updog (“Nothing, what’s up with you?”)

Image: Popsugar. Image 18.Image: Popsugar


Image: Pinterest. Image 19.Image: Pinterest