How many years has it been since the inflight smoking ban?. Image 1.


years since the inflight
smoking ban


Twenty-five years ago smoking was banned on planes, with all planes going smoke-free by the end of the 1990s. 

A look back on the glory days in the Chicago Tribune, flight attendant Jena Olsen describes a cabin of smokers with their lighters out, cigarettes a-ready for the moment when the light went off: "And once that no-smoking sign went off, the cabin would fill up with smoke. It was just oppressive."

Flight attendants were also tyrannized by rows of lit cigarettes sticking out into the aisles. "[W]hen PSA went to polyester hot pants you’d often get a cigarette burn hole on your pantyhose, and you were lucky not to get a more severe burn on your leg," flight attendant Tracy Sear recalls in the New York Times.

Regardless of the twenty-five year milestone, airlines are, however, still required to have an ashtray in their toilets.