Pixar's Inside Out made $91.1 million over opening weekend. Image 1.

Inside Out grossed

$91.1 million

opening weekend


Inside Out has had the highest grossing first weekend for an original property (not a sequel), even though it's the first Pixar film to not open at number one in the box office opening weekend.

Inside Out was projected to make $60 million its first weekend, but greatly surpassed this. Previously, Pixar's Toy Story 3 made $110.3 million on its opening weekend. Not bad for a computer animated film about feelings.

Jurassic World is quickly on its way to earning $1 billion. On its second weekend, it made $102 million and was still at number one.

Currently, Furious 7 holds the record for fastest climb to $1 billion at the box office, taking 17 days to reach this number. Jurassic World will likely do it faster, at 13 days.

Cover image: Pixar Post