200 million people worldwide are using ad-blocking software. Image 1.


people are using ad-block
software, losing advertisers

$22 billion 

 this year.


A report released today by Adobe and PageFair (a company that helps advertisers reclaim ad revenue lost to blockers) showed that 200 million people around the world are using some form of ad-blocking software while surfing the internet, a 41% rise from last year.

The per capita use of ad-blockers differs by region. 45 million people in the US use ad-blockers while, in Europe, the number is 77 million. In states like California and New York, nearly 15% of internet users have blockers installed while in some European countries the number encompasses a third of internet users. 

“What’s causing grave concern for broadcasters and advertisers is video advertising, which is some of their most valuable content, is starting to be blocked,”Campbell Foster, the director of product marketing at Adobe told The New York Times. “That’s a really scary prospect.”

Ad-blocking has yet to take off on mobile devices. That's the next frontier for companies like Adblock Plus. The shift to mobile will “unleash a huge growth spike in people using ad-blockers,” PageFair CEO Sean Blanchfield said.