If you've ever heard of Planking, seen Futurama's Fry squinting his eyes in deep internal debate, or spent hours thinking of alternative scenarios in which Kanye West might say "Imma let you finish...," chances are you know Know Your Meme. For the uninitiated, KYM is a website and video series which serves as a living encyclopedia of internet memes and other online sensations. The staff at Hopes&Fears got a chance to pick the infamous memers brains about their internal office lingo.

Office Dictionary: Know Your Meme. Image 1.

Know Your Meme – site, documenting memes and internet culture


(read as “plus one”) — is a numeric sign primarily used to express one’s opinion regarding an idea proposed by another member for consideration by the community. Despite the connotation of the positive symbol, it does not necessarily convey assent to the idea under consideration, but rather the call for a specific action suggested by the user in response to the proposed idea. This kind of comment was initially used by admins to tell other admins when they were ready to confirm/delete an entry and that they were awaiting another opinion on it.  

The formula of “+1” is followed by an aspect that the writer is pointing out in that precise moment, some of the more common comments are:

+1 Work – the submition needs more work

+1 Confirm – the submission is ready to be confirmed as a meme

+1 Meme – the submission is a meme, although it may need more work

+1 Deadpool – the submission is not a meme

The spread of this formula has been limited within the Know Your Meme community.


 Neckbeard +1 Work (It needs MORE beard!)

 Neckbeard +1 Confirm (Can't get enough of this beard, let's get it out there!)

 Neckbeard +1 Meme (Yes, there's a beard but what's its motivation?)

 Neckbeard +1 Deadpool (Too beard! Abort, abort!)


— an alternative way to spell a “brony.”

Example: Thankfully, I met up with a couple of brones outside the convention center so I didn't have to show up at the My Little Pony convention alone. 


— is the name of a section on the site where less than notable memes are kept. It’s used to signal “get rid of it.”

Example: “Deadpool Jogging Dad, we got a runner now.”


— a shortcut when referring to a mobile version of a website. 

Example: “The babby text isn't showing up right on the em-dot.” 


— a term used to describe an article in which the author is trying to astroturf a meme (make up a fake meme), rather than report on a meme that can be validated.

Example: “This Usher meme isn't even a thing, seems forced. Stick to the Kanyes.”  


— Another character created by the users of Know Your Meme, Goat-Tan is known for her love of both the NES co-op platformer Battletoads and anything that comes off as being lewd in nature. It is often referenced as the most disgusting and awesome piece of community in-jokes.

Example: “Unicorn penis reduction? Goat-tan approves.” 


— the unofficial moe (anthropomorphic) character of Know Your Meme. She is the spiritual mascot of the website. 


 “This meme is garbage, unleash the Kym-tan!”

 “Blessed are the Starecats that Kym-tan has provided.”


The kym-theon

— The holy trinity of Know Your Meme that consists of the Cheeto, Super Robo Jesus and Goat-Tan.


 “And forgive our trespasses, for thine is the Cheeto, the Super Robo Jesus, and the Goat-Tan forever, KYM-theon.” 

 “I managed to kick ladies, gambling, and boozing with a little help from the KYM-theon.”  

Super robo Jesus

— a made-up character submitted as a meme. The quality of the entry was so bad that it gained a cult status among our users. The term is used when describing an article of poor quality or invalid nature.


 “Super Robo Jesus this meme is bad.”  

 “I was trying to like that Overly Apologetic Riff Raff meme, but it just felt a little... Super Robo Jesus.”   


— an acronym for social media douchebag. 

Example: “Bill de Blasio, what an SMDB.”   

This Cheeto is a meme

— sarcastic phrase used to imply that OP (original poster) is trying to force a meme. Originates from an infamous discussion thread from a few years back that accidentally spawned a community meme that no one wanted. 

Example: “Yeah, Richard Branson is pretty weird but it smells like This Cheeto is a Meme.”