You know Tumblr. The social media platform that lets you curate, blog, create and note to your hearts desire, with 226.9 million blogs and counting. We thought that Tumblr would have some curious in-office language and we weren't disappointed. Thanks to Annie Werner, Editor at Tumblr, and the Tumblr Content and Community Team, we know who the "trash cats" are and who is "radar-worthy."

Office Dictionary: Tumblr. Image 1.

Tumblr – Social Media Network


—  users who put original work on their Tumblr. 

EXAMPLE: "Follow the world’s creators."


— a post worthy of a radar slot. (The radar shows up on all Tumblr users dashboards and highlights some of the most noteworthy posts.)

Example:  "This GIF is dope–so Radar-worthy!"


— used for inter-office female communications.

EXAMPLE: “I need a tampon. #heyladies, help a sister out?”

Tumblr prom

— semi-annual intern party inspired by Tumblr teen community. 

EXAMPLE: “I know I only have 300 followers, but will you go to Tumblr Prom with me?”

Reblog tree 

— really long threads of reblogs between multiple users 

EXAMPLE: "The post was okay, but everyone’s reaction GIFs in the reblog tree were even better!"


— deriving from the word relationship, a ship is two fictional characters put together into a relationship

EXAMPLE: "Larry Stylinson, aka Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson, is my favorite Ship."


— an open source tool for data center automation. It reports hardware details to the infrastructure source of truth and knowledge, AKA Collins, a loving reference to Phil. 

EXAMPLE: Github example

Intern Island 

— The area of desks that interns work from.

EXAMPLE: "The interns thought their desks were a little bare, so they added an inflatable palm tree to Intern Island."


— when users make poignant text posts and/or reblog trees such as “imagine if you sneezed and then spoke another language for the rest of your life”

EXAMPLE: Some posts that #GetDeep 


Tumblr also has some unique names for its team members.

Shiny Unicorns

— Content & Community 

EXAMPLE:  “What’s happening on the internet? The Shiny Unicorns would know.”

Trash Cats

— Community outreach & Events 

EXAMPLE:   “Can I get my girlfriend on the VIP list for our SXSW party?” “IDK ask the Trash Cats.”


— Engineers who work on the Dashboard functionality

EXAMPLE:  "Have you seen the new Dashboard update? Thanks Hashbang!"

Psychic Jacks

— Engineers working on creator tools.

EXAMPLE:  "I wouldn’t be able to create this post without the minds and hands of the Psychic Jacks."


— Tumblr interns of all ilks.

EXAMPLE:  "What are the Tumblrns getting themselves into this week?"


— Our Search product team, which uses Arrested Development references for all projects.

EXAMPLE:  “What’s team Featherbottom working on right now?” “Project Never Nude.”

Jazz Falcons

(formerly known as Salsa Sharks)

— Our Growth product team.

EXAMPLE:  "The Jazz Falcons might know how many active users we have."