Following intense political pressure from nations around the world, the final two journalists from the Arab news network, Al Jazeera, have been released from an Egyptian prison.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were both allowed to go free on Thursday, following a court order for a retrial. A third journalist for the network, Peter Greste, was released two weeks ago and deported back to his home country of Australia. 

Fahmy had to pay $33,000 in bail, while Mohamed only had to give an address where he would be staying. The retrial is expected to be a formality since the case has become a high profile embarrasement for Egyptian authorities. 

All three men were accused of "broadcasting false reports of unrest in Egypt as part of a conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Egypt."

No evidence to back up those charges was ever presented against the men and they have been in jail for more than a year.