Christians still make up the majority of the American population in 2050, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center

But the nonbelievers will rise. 

Christians continue to out-reproduce "unaffiliateds", but there will be a "high rate of religious switching," the study projects. By 2050, the population of "unaffiliated" people is expected to see an 88.6% increase (hiting 111.3 million), while Christians will see a 7.5% increase (hitting 286.7 million). Meanwhile Muslims are expected to grow by 197%, rising to number 3 in American religions. Incredibly, Judaism doesn't even make the top five.

 Christian (286.7 million) 

 Unaffiliated (111.3 million) 

 Muslim (10.3 million) 

 Other (6.5 million) 

 Buddhist (6 million)

If the numbers predict correctly, The Week notes that this bodes poorly for Republicans.