Slave labor continues to fuel Qatar's ambitious (and mostly absurd) World Cup building projects, despite the Qatari government's promise to curtail the deplorably inhumane working conditions for migrant workers. Workers are living 12 people to a room without access to clean water and there has been a high death rate due to heart attacks caused by extreme heat. 1,200 deaths have already been confirmed, and the International Trade Union Confederation has estimated that up to 4,000 workers would die before construction for the 2020 World Cup would be complete if conditions didn't change.  

More than a year after the Qatari government promised to ameliorate the situation, Amnesty put out an update report yesterday that proves otherwise. They report that no new laws have been passed regarding the protection of domestic workers, forced labor, or passport confiscation (workers' passports are taken away to prevent them from leaving): "the government is still discussing the draft laws based on the proposals announced in May." Amnesty also reports that sadly, Nepali migrants have been been prevented from visiting their homeland in order to mourn after the devastating earthquake.