FIFA president Sepp Blatter just stepped down from his position after seventeen years in the role. This comes on the heels of a corruption scandal concerning the two upcoming World Cups in 2018 and 2022. Blatter, a five term president who’s been president of the organization since 1998 announced that there would be an “extraordinary congress of Fifa that will elect a new candidate” to fill his role.

“I will organise extraordinary congress for a replacement for me as president,” announced Blatter. “I will not stand. I am now free from the constraints of an election. I will be in a position to focus on profound reforms. For many years we have called for reforms. But these are not sufficient."

There may now be a mandated limitation to terms of office, in a post-Blatter FIFA world. However, due existing rules “on the notice periods required for elections and for candidates to present themselves” may have to wait till December for a new FIFA president.

What does that mean for us? Well John Oliver, did promise that he "would do anything to make Sepp Blatter go away." Well, John, time to put your money where mouth is. We'll be waiting near the McDonald's Dollar Menu with a Bud Light Lime in our hand.