The CIA appears to have "twisted" the language in their documents detailing regulations for handling interrogations in order to further torture tactics as "human experimentation."

A document made public by the Guardian reveals that the director of questionable experimentation activities has never been a licensed medical professional, but was authorized to “approve, modify, or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research.”

This brings significant issues with the Central Intelligence Agency, and specifically director George Tenet, whose agency was able to conduct "enhanced interrogation techniques" under the guise of medical experimentation.

The CIA has reportedly redacted four statements which have allowed for significant abuse under "research" guidelines.

The CIA didn't get permission for "human experimentation" from "enhanced interrogation" subjects. Image 1.

Image: The Guardian

Practices such as waterboarding, which were conducted with a medical professional present, passed as acceptable precisely because there were doctors on board. However, the consent of patients, although required in the documents, has not been confirmed. 

Scott Allen, a medical advisor and internist, says, “The more words you have, the more you can twist them, but it’s not a bad definition.”

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons