As of tomorrow, June 17, Dominican-Haitians and Haitians who have emigrated to the Dominican Republic will have their Dominican citizenship revoked.

Law 169-14, created to set a deadline for Dominican-Haitians to register for citizenship, has now become a measure for the Dominican government to 'cleanse' the nation of anyone of Haitian background. Coincidentally, the June 16 deadline is happening alongside the launch of various presidential campaigns.

Anyone without a certified birth certificate will be unable to register for citizenship. This rules out a large part of the population born in the inner city or sugar cane fields where access to clinical resources is limited.

It is estimated that over 100,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent will become stateless. Reuters reports that there could be 460,000 non-native Haitian migrants in the country.

In recent weeks, there have been accounts of police patrolling through lower-income neighborhoods and arresting, haressing and detaining Dominicans with darker skin or Haitian features.

As of now, the situation is leaning towards a mass deportation and detention of Dominican-Haitians, but is still developing.

Cover image: The Root