After police officer Eric Casebolt was filmed pointing a service weapon at unarmed black teenagers and pushing an unarmed 15-year old girl in a swimsuit to the ground outside a pool party in McKinney, Texas, Gawker submitted a Public Information Act request to the city of McKinney asking for Casebolt's records and any emails exchanged regarding his conduct. The city's attorney's responded, claiming that fulfilling the request would cost $79,229.09.

The budget includes almost $15k as an operating cost for the computer that will be used to conduct the email search, and $63k to hire a programmer for 2,231 hours in order to find the emails, since they "are not in a format that is searchable by City personnel."

The city of McKinney is charging Gawker almost $80k to fulfill their request. To feed your rage, check out the letter in full here.

Update: The city of McKinney has apologized to Gawker for sending them an "erraneous" bill. “The number quoted to you as a cost estimate for your records request is not accurate,” wrote communications manager Anna Clark. “We sincerely apologize for the misinformation and the ensuing confusion, and we agree that the cost of more than $79,000 is at best implausible.” Gawker was told to expect a new cost estimate shortly.

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