Chuck Blazer, former FIFA executive committee member and whistleblower in the U.S.’s investigation of corrupt soccer officials is now banned for life from all soccer activities by the sport’s governing body.

 Blazer, was found guilty by FIFA’s ethics committee in 2013 for a myriad of crimes including: breaching rules on loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, conflicts of interest, corruption and for accepting gifts and bribes. He secretly plead guilty to all charges, and later through a plea agreement become a cooperating witness in the investigation that caused FIFA’s former president Sepp Blatter to step down.

Blazer and Blatter aren’t the only people to face serious consequences for their actions. Asian soccer chief Mohamed Bin Hammam was banned for life (for ethic breaches), and Harold Mayne-Nicholls (a Chilean journalist and football administrator) has also been banned for seven years.

Cover: Flickr