Finally, the Washington Redskins' federal trademark registrations have been cancelled. Wednesday night, a federal judge maintained that the NFL teams name was by definition a slur and offensive to a large number of Native Americans. 

Redskins President Bruce Allen's lawyers argued that the vast majority of Native Americans had no objection to the name between 1067 and 1990 when the trademarks were granted in the past. The judge rejected the argument, asking why the team would chose such a word in the first place, pointing out that even a dictionary written in 1898 defined the word as "contemptuous."

The cancellation won't go into effect until the team has exhausted the appeals process, and according to Redskins President Bruce Allen "we are convinced that we will win on appeal as the facts and the law are on the side of our franchise that has proudly used the name Washington Redskins for more than 80 years." Yuck.

 Cover image: Flickr